Remote Court Hearings & Depositions

Do you need to be "sworn in" for a remote court hearing? Have you been required to "appear" in an out of town court hearing to give testimony or depositions? If the courts or your attorney have given you the option for a "telephone" hearing, chances are you will need to be "sworn in" before you will be able to participate in the hearing.

I will meet you at your location (office, home, local coffee shop etc..etc..) to administer the oath or affirmation which will allow you to then participate in the court hearing over the phone.

Your attorney or the courts will have likely provided with the appropriate forms that I will have to execute and notarize, if not, I carry the needed forms at all times and will provide for you. You will need to present valid picture identification before you can be sworn in.

Feel free to contact me directly at (863) 698-3793 should you require my services.